5 Best Ways to Research the Market When Selling Your Home

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Conducting a market analysis is crucial to the house selling process and can help ensure you receive the best possible price for your property.

A market analysis involves understanding the current property market, the demand for properties similar to yours, and your competition.

Here are some proven ways to conduct a market analysis for your home to maximize the chance of a quick sale:

Research the local property market

It’s important to have a good understanding of the current state of the property market in your area.

You can do this by looking at trends in home prices, the number of homes sold, and the average time homes are on the market.

This information will help you understand the demand for homes in your area and what to expect when you put your property up for sale.

You can find this information from various sources such as property websites, local newspapers, or by speaking to estate agents in your area.

Analyse similar properties in your area

Once you have an understanding of the local property market, it’s time to focus on properties like yours.

Look for properties that are similar in size, location, and features. Make a list of their asking prices, how long they have been on the market, and what features they offer.

This information will give you an idea of what buyers in your area are willing to pay for similar properties.

If a similar property has been sold in the last few years, you might be able to find internal photos online.

This way you can judge how the condition of your home compares to others and price your property accordingly.

You might also want to consider carrying out repairs and improvements inside your home before selling, and also work on its kerb appeal.

There are also many websites that offer an instant, estimated appraisal of your home’s value, together with the sold price of properties in your area.

I always keep in mind that these estimates are not always the most accurate! However, they can be a useful guide.

Stand out from the crowd

If your home is one of several similar properties currently for sale in your area then you need to make sure you stand out from the rest.

Dressing your property for the sales photos can make a great first impression on buyers looking at property websites and can make the difference between them booking a viewing or scrolling past.

Highlight all the best features of your home to make it as appealing as possible, and include details of local amenities which could tempt a wide range of buyers.

Determine your home’s strengths and weaknesses

It’s important to evaluate your property objectively and make a list of its strengths and weaknesses.

Consider what sets your property apart from others in the market and what areas may need improvement.

For example, if your home has a large back yard or a new roof, these are strengths that you can highlight when marketing your property.

On the other hand, if your home is in need of renovations or updates, these are areas that you may need to address before putting it up for sale.

Price your home accordingly

After gathering all the information from your market analysis, it’s time to determine a fair asking price for your home.

Take into account the prices of similar homes in the area, the current state of the real estate market, and your home’s strengths and weaknesses.

You want to ensure that your asking price is competitive, but also takes into account the unique features of your property.

An estate agent can be a valuable resource in helping you determine a fair asking price.


Conducting a market analysis is a critical step in the process of selling your home.

By taking the time to understand the local property market, analysing similar properties, evaluating your competition, determining your home’s strengths and weaknesses, and pricing your home correctly, you can be confident that you are maximizing your profit and making the most of the sale of your property.

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