How To Enter The Omaze Dream House Prize Draw For Free

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Free entry to the Omaze house prize draw

If you’ve been tempted by the glossy photos of the lavish properties up for grabs in the Omaze dream house draws but are put off by the cost of entering then there is an answer – you can enter Omaze for free.

Each month, a fabulous new property is offered by Omaze, with around 80% of the proceeds from ticket entries going towards supporting a charity, such as Macmillan Cancer Support, The British Heart Foundation or the RNLI.

Tickets can be bought through the official Omaze website, but if you don’t fancy stumping up the cash you can always submit a free postal entry (full instructions below). And what’s more, you can send as many as you like!

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How much does it cost to enter the Omaze draw

To enter the Omaze prize draw the paid-for way you need to buy tickets which go into a draw each month when one lucky winner will be chosen.

The minimum spend is currently £10 which buys you 15 entries if you make a one-off purchase, excluding any special offers.

From time-to-time, Omaze will run promotions where you can increase the number of tickets for the same amount spent.

Also, if you sign up to a monthly direct debit as part of the Omaze subscription package you’ll earn additional entries that you wouldn’t get by buying a single batch of tickets. At present, you get double the number of entries by doing this, so 30 instead of 15 for £10.

Buying in bulk earns more entries

It’s also the case that buying in bulk works out to be more cost effective as well.

For example, if you spend £25 on a single purchase you’ll buy 40 entries, £50 will get you 85 entries and £150 will allow you to buy 320 entries.

Of course, with any prize draw the more tickets you have the more chance you have of winning, although Omaze doesn’t publish the exact odds.

However, if you don’t want to spend your cash on buying Omaze house draw tickets, then why not enter for free?

Entering Omaze for free with a postal entry

Entering the Omaze prize draw without paying is quite simple, although the details are fairly well hidden on the Omaze website.

To enter the dream home competition for free, follow these instructions:

  • Get a blank piece of paper or postcard.
  • Write your full name and address on it (including city and post code).
  • Write your phone number, although this is optional.
  • Write your email address.
  • Detail which prize draw you’re entering (ie Omaze Million Pound House Draw – Norfolk).
  • If you’re using a piece of paper, put it in an envelope.

Send it to:

Omaze Scrutineers – (Insert name of draw, ie Norfolk House Draw)

Civica Election Services

33 Clarendon Road


N8 0NW

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully as you will not be notified if your entry is invalid.

And don’t forget to add a stamp!

How many free entries can I submit to the Omaze prize draw?

There’s no limit to the number of free entries you’re allowed, but each one needs to be made separately.

So, each time you want to submit an entry you’ll need to write the details on a separate piece of paper or postcard and send it off to the address above.

Like paid-for entries, free entries also count towards the Early Bird Prize Drawn and the associated Gift Card Prize Draw, as well as the dream house.

According to the information on the Omaze website, postal entries are treated in exactly the same way as paid entries when it comes to choosing a winner and have an equal chance of winning.

What happens if my free entry wins the Omaze prize draw?

If your postal entry is lucky enough to be chosen as the winner you’ll be notified of the win in the same way as you would if you’d paid for your ticket.

There’s nothing to pay or buy to secure your prize, it’ll all be handled by Civica and the Omaze team.

Omaze is keen to point out that when entering by post you are bound by the same terms and conditions and official rules as paid entries, full details of which can be found on the Omaze website (

Remember, though, by submitting a free entry you won’t be helping that month’s nominated charity.

Has anyone won Omaze with a free entry?

According to various reports around the web, people have won the Omaze prize draw with a free entry.

The Omaze competition is completely legitimate so there’s no reason to doubt that a free entry would not be counted in the same way as a paid entry.

The fact that Omaze has appointed Civica Election Services to manage postal entries means they’re serious about fairness and you can be sure your free entries will have just as much chance of winning as paid entries.

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