What Are The Odds Of Winning The Omaze Dream House Prize Draw?

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What are the odds of winning the Omaze UK house?

Winning the Omaze house prize draw would be a dream come true for many people.

The multi-million homes that are raffled several times a year are generally pretty spectacular resulting in a huge amount of interest in the competitions.

But what are the odds of winning the Omaze UK prize draw house? Are the chances of winning the dream house ridiculously slim or is it worth grabbing a few tickets?

The one good thing with the Omaze prize draws is that even if you don’t win, part of your entry fee will be donated to a worthy charity so at least you’ll know you’ll have helped a good cause.

Calculating the odds of winning the Omaze UK house?

Working out the exact odds of winning the Omaze price draw house is very difficult without access to some granular detail about the number of entries each round attracts.

However, despite the lack of exact figures, some brainiacs have crunched the publicly available data in an attempt at finding out the chances of winning the Omaze UK house.

One clever soul looked at one of the recent prize draws – a rather glamourous property in Ascot just a stone’s throw from the world-famous racecourse – for the purposes of the calculations.

What are the chances of winning the Omaze house?

Their starting point was Omaze’s pledge to donate 80% of the funds it receives to charity, with the remaining 20% used to pay for the prize plus pay staff, running costs and, of course, make some profit.

The maths whizz estimated that £3.5 million was needed to pay for the house, a figure that’s 20% of £17.5million.

They rounded up the figure to £18million as the minimum value of tickets Omaze needed to sell to pay for the house, charitable contribution an admin.

They also established that the most popular ticket option bought by players was a bundle of 40 entries for £25.

Assuming this is the case, 720,000 people have to buy this number of tickets to reach the £18million figures. Bear in mind that some people will spend a lot less, while others significantly more.

What are the odds of winning the Omaze prize draw?

I remember reading about one recent winner who had spent ‘a few hundred pounds’ on tickets.

Omaze also offers a subscription deal where you can get bonus entries for committing a regular sum of cash to tickets each month, starting at £10 per month.

Going back to the 720,000 entrants’ figure, the number cruncher found there would be 28.8million tickets for just these people.

Then, you need to take into account all the variables and the crazy sums some people might be spending when they become ‘hooked’ on a certain property.

Omaze dream house prize draw odds vary

You also need to consider that some properties are likely to be more popular than others.

For example, the Cornwall 2 house was a spectacular waterside property near Fowey which everyone seemed to be talking about.

Yet July’s Yorkshire farmhouse near Harrogate has drawn criticism for being located next to a stone merchants and quarry, even though the latter is apparently no longer in use.

Useful link: The exact locations and maps of the Omaze dream homes

So, logic might suggest that you’ve got a better chance of winning the Yorkshire house because it’s less popular with players therefore fewer tickets will be bought.

There may be fewer spontaneous, one-off buyers as well as it could be seen as less eye-catching and desirable than the Cornwall property for a variety of other reasons as well, such as location.

Omaze doesn’t release any information on the exact odds of winning a prize draw, but, as we’ve seen, they’ll be different each month.

The odds of winning the Omaze draw

Either way, the huge advertising budget used by Omaze to promote the competition each month, including prime time TV advertising and articles in the national press, means each draw is going to attract a lot of interest and the chances of winning are low.

However, the odds are going to be different with each home because the number of entries could vary significantly as we’ve seen.

This makes producing an accurate calculation of the odds of winning the Omaze house very difficult, but it’s fair to say that a lot of tickets are bought for each draw.

Do people win the Omaze house prize draw?

Even though the chances of winning the Omaze house may be slim, someone always does.

The great thing about the Omaze competitions is that they always feature videos and interviews with the winners after the event so there’s no question about whether genuine people win these fantastic homes.

Remember, Omaze is a sweepstake so every ticket has the same chance of winning.

The more tickets you buy, the more chance you have of scooping your dream home, but a lot of other people will have the same idea as well.

It’s likely that the odds are better then other draws such as The National Lottery or Euromillions, but it’s statistically highly unlikely that you’ll ever win the Omaze dream house.

But console yourself with the fact that you’re helping out good causes and maybe, just maybe a stunning dream home will be yours one day.

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