Is Omaze Legit Or A Con? The Verdict On The Dream House Prize Draw

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Each month the Omaze million-pound house draw sees a lavish property raffled off in aid of charity. It is a completely legitimate competition, and each winner is interviewed and filmed for post draw publicity.

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Is Omaze legitimate or a con?

Whenever a new Omaze prize draw house is launched and promoted on Facebook it’s met with a flurry of comments claiming the raffle is a scam, fake or a con.

The team at Omaze go to great lengths to patiently respond to these claims, explaining that the raffle is entirely legit and not fake in any way.

But this still doesn’t seem to appease some people!

So, hopefully we can set the record straight here and put the question of whether the Omaze dream house competition is real or not to bed.

Is the Omaze prize draw real?

Yes, the Omaze million-pound prize draw is entirely real, with a luxurious property being won by one lucky entrant each month.

Each draw attracts millions of entries, with part of the proceeds going towards charity.

Beneficiaries have included Macmillan Cancer Support, The Prince’s Trust, the British Heart Foundation and the RNLI.

There is no suggestion that Omaze is anything other than a legitimate raffle.

It’s been running for several years and created a successful business model out of the dream home raffle process.

Omaze prize draw business

The background to the business and full details of previous dream home winners is documented in detail on the Omaze website.

Part of the conditions of entry is that winners participate in post draw publicity, which is covered in detail by most of the British national press.

Extensive coverage can be found on most major titles, including MailOnline, The Sun, The Mirror, The Telegraph and The Times.

If there was anything untoward about the Omaze competition or the winners, it would have been undoubtedly picked up by journalists.

In fact, the competition generates generally favourable coverage across the board.

The only negative publicity has been several documented problems experienced by a few of the properties, such as flooding or where they’re located.

Do people actually win the Omaze dream house?

Yes, each month someone is lucky enough to walk off with the keys to a multi-million-pound dream home which they can either live in, rent or sell off.

As mentioned, the winners take part in post competition publicity including videos of them entering their new home for the first time, interviews with the organisers and extensive photography of them celebrating their new-found wealth.

It’s completely implausible to suggest that this has been faked and that the winners are actors as has been done in several online forums and social media platforms.

Omaze is not a fraud or some advanced kind of internet scam – it genuinely hands out a fantastic new home each month and gives substantial sums to charity.

Additionally, the company and the competition has been reviewed on dozens of online platforms and has attracted hundreds of thousands of reviews on Trustpilot.

What are the odds of winning the Omaze dream home?

Even though the Omaze draw is legit, whether you’ll ever be lucky enough to win the top prize is another thing!

Omaze doesn’t publish the exact odds of winning one of the dream homes, and it varies from month-to-month depending on the number of entries, but you can read more about your chances of winning here.

One thing is for sure though, you’ve got a better chance of winning than entering the National Lottery or Euromillions, even though tickets are more expensive.

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