London 2 Omaze Dream House Prize Draw Exact Location And Map

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Omaze London 2 house

Where is the Omaze London 2 house located?

The London 2 Omaze Prize Draw house is located in Finsbury Park in London. Here’s a location map:

It’s a short walk from Finsbury Park tube station. At the time of the competition launch, the property was valued at £3,000,000 and had a rental value of between £7,000 – £8,000 per month.

>> View the exact location of the London 3 house in Chelsea

If you’re wondering where exactly the Omaze London 2 house is, the co-ordinates on Google Maps are: 51.56715164895944, -0.11754236894805326 (view on Google Maps)

Visit the official Omaze website to find out more about the London 2 house and enter the competition.

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